Staying Up Front


We are a King James Bible (Traditional Text), Independent, Fundamental, Soul Winning, Separated, Missionary Supporting, Church Planting, Baptism by Immersion, Six-day literal Creation, Literal in Hermeneutics, Pre-Millennial, Dispensational, Pre-Tribulational, World Evangelistic, Christ as the only Head, Pastor led, and Deacon serving LOCAL Baptist Church.


Even though we love and pray for those who disagree with us, we believe in individual soul liberty where every one of us shall give account of himself or herself to God. Therefore, we respectfully reject Calvinistic, Reformed Theology, Catholic, Armenian, Charismatic, Ecumenical, Evolutionary, Intellectual, Plural Translations, Lordship Salvation, Old Age Earth Theory, Relativism, Neo-Orthodoxy, New Evangelicalism, and Excessive Liberal Contemporary Movements and Methods, believing they are not in alignment with scripture.


We believe in staying on the Old Paths, preaching and teaching the good old truths of God's Word and not the popular teachings, traditions, theories, and tenants of man. We Expound on the Holy Scriptures which Examines the Soul, Exposes Sin, Exoneratesthe lost Sinner, Excites and Exhorts the Servant, and Exalts the Savior! We do not preach whatís popular or pleasing to man but what is commanded by the Word of God under the conviction and guiding hand of the Holy Ghost.


We are an autonomous Church with Jesus Christ alone as our head and we are not associated with any conventions, associations, synods, or diocese. This church operates strictly on Faith; our faith in God and His faithfulness to us.


We believe these convictions to be self evident of the original New Testament Church of Jesus Christ, His teachings, and those who gave their lives to contend for the faith once given and carried from generation to generation.


At the expense of potentially closing a door of getting to meet you and having you as our guest, we believe in always being up front and honest with everyone about our beliefs so that you will hopefully trust us and know your best interest is, and always will be, our goal! We want you saved and heaven bound with us, without any doubt of it in your mind. So before forming an opinion and coming to a preconceived conclusion, donít let any assumption keep you from coming and seeing for yourself if what we claim is not the truth youíve been looking for. A couple of visits could set you free from all your doubts and skepticisms. We promise youíll be glad you made your way here!